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THROWBACK | Pharmacee - Crew Necks (Produced by DJ Real Juicy)

Its throwback Thursday! Here is one of the best tracks off the classic Pharmacee self titled debut, and only, album. Seriously dope swag rap jam from a time when I only dreamed about being able to drop the 3 bills on real throwback jerseys (not the 125 on majestic ones). I made this beat, and 11 of the 13 records on the album. Mostly using only a Roland MC 307. This was one of those. I think I figured out how to twerk 7 channels pretty hard. This was probably recorded in 2003 or so. I'll dig up a hard copy when I get home and find the actual date. Roland MC 307

Pharmacee - Crew Necks (Produced by DJ Real Juicy) - DOWNLOAD LINK