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October Crunk Girl of the Month - Shena

Here we have it. Our October Crunk Girl of the Month. And what do you know. Its the beginning of October! As always thanks to Shena for being such a sport and hanging out with Vuji while he takes her picture. And of course a big thank you to the Vuj (love the new logo btw) for taking the photos, finding the girls, coordinating everything for the Crunk Girls. This month Shena is rocking our brand new hot pink 'diamond mesh' logo T.

Name : Kashena "Shena" Cook Occupation : Nursing Home Waitress/Model Age : 18 Hometown : New Albany, Mississippi

If we met at a bar, what should I buy you? Vodka and Oj on the rocks!

What's your ultimate fantasy date? My ultimate fantasy date would be full of surprises, not necessarily spending a whole lot of money, but very spontaneous, a smile should never leave my face, something a little more unique than dinner and movies.

If you were stuck on an island, what would you bring with you? If i were stuck on an island I would bring my cell phone, laptop, chargers, hair curlers, FOOD and kim kardashian posters.

Favorite vacation spot? Favorite vacation spot would be any Caribbean Island Resort

What are some of your pet peeves? Pet Peeves: People in my personal space, having to wait on others (impatient), liars, and when people walk so close behind me that they step on the back of my heels (ugh!)

Boys who cry - yay or nay? Boys who cry-hmm, depends on why they cry, if they cry more than me, definately NAY!, but everyone likes when a guy can show his sensitive side.

Ever been skinny dipping? No never been skinny dipping, but its at the top of my things to try ;)

Beer Bong or Keg Stand? Beer Pong!!!!

What do you wear to sleep? If it covers more than 65% of your body, you lose. I usually just wear underwear and a t-shirt to bed, or just go commando!

If you could spend the day with three famous people, who would they be? 1.Kim Kardashian 2.Chris Brown 3.Warren Buffett.

I figured I'd throw a bonus track in for this month as well. Nicki kills this Big Sean record, now make that mu-fugger hammer time.

Big Sean - Dance (A$$) (Remix) ft. Nicki Minaj

September Crunk Girl of the Month

Holy Crap. September Crunk Girl and its still September! Yay Vuji. 1. Name: Melanie Riley 2. Age: 19 =) 3. Occupation: Waitress at Hooters 4. Hometown: Peoria

5. Keg stand or beer bong? ummmm beer pong! duuhhhhh 6. If you could have one super power, what would it be? Be able to fly! 7. Who's the sexiest superhero? BATMAN!!!!!! 8. Be honest... if he asked, would you be one of Charlie Sheen's goddesses? umm hell no..fuck charlie sheen! =)

9. Favorite movie of all time? Diiirrrrrttttyyyyyy Dannnnncingggggg! 10. Ever done a body shot off another girl? Welll not just off of one girl ;) 11. Ever walked in on your parents doing the nasty? Um no. I would puke.

12. If you could be invisible for one day, where would you go and what would you do? To Ryan Reynolds house and spy on him. 13. Got any tattoos? Piercings? 6 tats..14 piercings... and not all can be seen. 14. What you got on under those jeans? I don't have pants on.

Grab the "Theres Some Hoes in this House" T that Melanie is wearing in the WFGC store.

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August - Crunk Girl of the Month

As always shout out to the vuj for the crunk girl feature. Ashley is rocking the American Apparel Cyan Drippy T from our store!

1. Name: Ashley 2. Age: 20 3. Occupation: Student/ Walgreens Pharmacy Tech 4. Hometown: Edwards, IL

5. Thong, bikini, or commando? Thongs all the way!!

6. Would you rather date a jobless hippie who showered daily or a cute lawyer who never showered? I'll stick with the hippie ;-)

7. Best physical feature on a guy? hmmm....eyes have always been a fave

8. If you were marooned on a desert island, what 5 CD's would you take with you? Breathe Carolina, Blood on the Dance Floor, Cats the Musical, Repo! The Genetic Opera, and Pink

9. Cheesiest pickup line you've ever heard? I've never been told any pick up lines, but the cheesiest one I know is "Heaven must be missing one of it's prettiest angels"

10. What's your most valuable "asset" if you know what we mean? my eyes are pretty, if that's what you mean ^_-

11. Shopping spree: Walmart or Victoria's Secret? VS!

12. Have you ever been "crunk?"

13. Best Michael Jackson song ever? Man In The Mirror

14. Ever gone skinny dipping? What about commando? Never skinny dipping (yet), but I've definitely gone commando!

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Crunk Girl of the Month - July

Another big shout out goes to Vuji for hooking up the photography. Also anybody who wants to be a Crunk Girl email us (at)!

Name: Lexi Age: 18 baby!!! Occupation: togo chick at famous daves What is your secret talent? I can read minds. What is your ultimate fantasy date? Battling a guy on the dancefloor, him sweeping me off my feet and we run away together!

Favorite guilty pleasure song? anything with a good beat, i love dance music (: Pet peeves? When guys chomp on food.....disgusting!

Do girls fart? yes, and we poop. Weirdest thing a guy asked you to do for him? first date, run away with him!

Girly-girl or tomboy? girly-girl!!! fa sho!! If you had to live on gas station food, what would you eat? tornadoes (:

Coolest person to ever live? JESUS!!! Can you put your fist in your mouth? If not, have you ever tried? i've tried and i cant do it..... sorry guys!


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Kara - June Crunk Girl of the Month

Well we're getting closer to getting this thing on track. Here is our June Crunk Girl of the Month. As always a big thank you to Vuji for hooking up the photos, ladies, questions, etc etc. We truly appreciate all your help! Kara is rocking the WFGC Superman Diamond Logo ladies tank top which you can pick up at the store.

1. Name: Kara Arbogast 2. Occupation: Delivery Driver for Pizza hut 3. Age: 20 4. Hometown: North Pekin

5. Worst date: We just drove around town because he didn't have any money! 6. Keg stand or beer pong: Beer pong for sure! 7. Dream job: Vetranarian, but I have too many allergies from animals =( 8. What do you put on your hot dog: Absolutely nothing =)

9. Quote to live by: "Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." -Marilyn Monroe 10. Big spoon or little spoon: Bigggg spoon! 11. Most dangerous thing you've done on purpose: drag race!

12. Coolest person to ever live: John Lennon <3 13. Ever gone commando: oh yeah. 14. Shopping spree at Walmart or Victoria's Secret: victorias secret for sure =)

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May Crunk Girl of the Month

Name: Tierney Age 24 Hometown Peoria

Most embarrassing moment? don’t get embarrassed to easily

What’s on under those jeans? nothing

Secret talent? booty make it "clap"

How many Taco Bell tacos could you eat in a sitting? 7

Favorite place to vacation? AZ

Who is the hottest Disney character? Simba -the lion king

Handcuffs & feathers or whips & chains? Handcuffs and whiips and chains

Have you ever made a boy cry?  just the other day ;)

What do you wear to sleep? If it covers more than 65% of your body, you lose. naked

Shout out to the lovely Tierney and as always Vuji for the photots.

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Crunk Girl of the Month – March 2011

Allow her to re-introduce herself..... 031611-007

Kelly Green Ass & Titties White Folks Get Crunk T

  1. Name: Lindsey Renee
  2. Occupation: Check-Out Supervisor at Sam's Club....I've work there since I was 19!
  3. Age: ugh, almost 26! Born 5-9-85!
  4. Hometown: Peoria Heights, Illinois.
  5. Most embarassing moment? I always suck at this about last Saturday night at Crusens....I reallllly wanted to do the booty shaking contest for Too White Crew, butttt I don't exactly have the biggest booty....So I went up there to say HEY I may not have that big of a booty but I can shake it!...Their response....Get the fuck off the stage!!!....In front of hundreds of people. Whaaaaa.
  6. What do you put on your hot dog? The only hot dogs you will ever see me eat is at Sam's Club when I'm desperate....And I smother it in ketchup n relish to drowned out the hot dog taste!
  7. If you could have one super power, what would it be? To be able to hear what people are thinking! Boy would that have helped me along the way...
  8. Pet peeves? Haha. I'm slightly OCD, so I have a lot but my biggest ones are people who are late(I hate you!), stupid drivers(aka half of Central Illinois), and people who bite then spit their fingernails(may you become ill from fingernail bacteria).
  9. Scariest moment of your life? When I was 18, my boyfriend at the time's dad passed away in the bedroom right above his. No joke, for the next year we had encounters with him....I guess you could say I was more creeped out then scared. I've had a pretty un-scary life :)
  10. Coolest dream you've ever had? I used to have reoccurring dreams about beating this girl up that I hated in high school....We were always at the school in different locations and I always kicked her ass! I'd say I had them once a month for a year!
  11. iPhone or Blackberry? DROID.
  12. If we met at the bar, what drink should I buy you? I'll take a Coors Light AND a shot of goldschlager.
  13. Best drunk food? Frisco melt from Steak n Shake or LaBamba....I refuse to eat there when sober.
  14. What you got on under those jeans? Pink n black boycuts!

Lindsey - Moon Walker - White Folks Get Crunk T Shirt

White Folks Get Crunk Moon Walker T Shirt


Crunk Girl of the month - March

As always big shout out to Lindsey, this months model, and Vuji for hooking up the photos!

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