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Mamby on the Beach - Getting Around

So I am heading to Mamby on the Beach this weekend. Pretty rad. Tweet me, lets link up while you're there ---> @realjuicy 

Since I'm a total Chi city travel noob, I might need some help getting around. Also there is this...


The Chicago Transit Authority is the fast, easy, inexpensive way to get to the event site. The CTA operates both trains and buses during festival hours. Mamby on the Beach recommends the following train stations:

  • Cermak-Chinatown Red Line
  • Cermak-McCormick Green Line

FREE event shuttles will run loop service from Cermak-Chinatown Red Line, to Cermak-McCormick Green Line, to Event Site.

Servicing bus routes include:

  • #39 Pershing (Lake Park & Oakwood)
  • #43 (Oakenwald & 43rd Street)
  • #4 Cottage Grove (Cottage Grove & Pershing)
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WFGC Record Pool | July 11 2013

New record pool? Ok guys, last chance. I know everyone loves these. I see the comments and always get asked when the new one is coming. If you, yes you, love when I drop a record pool, then BUY ME A BEER. Last time nobody did, not a single person. I spend a ton of time on WFGC. You have no idea how many crappy songs I listen to in a day, just to weed through them and find the best tracks, most of which you won't find on other blogs. I get you don't want to spend $20 on a hat or $4 on some stickers, but the least you could do is buy me a beer. Best part, beer is crazy cheap in peoria! CLICK HERE!  wfgc free record pool for djs

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 1.28.30 PM


Sweetlife Music & Food Festival with HeadaboveHeart

Our good friend Kevin Hulse over at HeadaboveHeart recently went on an adventure to Sweetlife Music & Food festival and snapped some pics for us. Big shout out to Kevin and Joy Asico for the shots and thanks to Veronica Rodriguez for the write up on the fest below. Periodic downpours didn’t detour mud soaked hipsters from basking in the sounds at this year’s Sweetlife Festival. The diverse music line-up was a perfect blend for any music lover’s taste buds.

Sweetlife was anything but a gentle footprint in the DMV area. The stellar line-up included Solage, Gary Clark Jr., Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Kendrick Lamar and Passion Pit. Phoenix poured down old familiars like Lisztomania and mixed in some new material, they brought it and made us crave for a mid-night treat.

The amazing thing about this festival is that it’s not contrived. The whole experience is organic. If downward dog isn’t your thing, grab a beer. Not a beer drinker, there’s healthy food options. If you’re not a foodie, then make your way to the stage for amazing music. If you don't like amazing music, you may have a problem. The fact is the Sweetlife experience is partying with 20,000 friends rather than cattle shuffling through the motions of a good time.

And then there's the food... Typical venue fair is expected, but rows of appetizing gourmet food trucks? Yes please. You know things are right when you see DC’s own Spike Mendelsohn getting his grub on.

Next year will mark the 5 year anniversary for this music/food fest; if you want a taste of the good life then make it to Sweetlife.

View all the photos here!

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RECORD POOL | May 8, 2013

Like the pool? Buy me a beer (seriously I will spend this money on beer)!

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Not to get all PBS on you but your support means the world to keeping stuff like this going.

Free Record Pool for DJs. May 8, 2013.

Tons of tunes this week to help make up for being gone for so long.

Free serato record pool tracklist.