"Good Gas" features Madeintyo who is known for his hit "Uber Everywhere. "Good Gas" has a nice beat I could see people dancing to it.  I was debating on putting Russ in this category he's known, but I still feel like he's more underground.  Russ's new offering "Some Time" is definitely and instant banger.

Lil Skies is getting even bigger! Out of all the Lil's we've been getting lately, he is one of my favorites. His song "Clique" caught my attention. I think it has potential if he promotes it.  Jayla Darden is an underground R&B artist.  I came across her song "Between Us" on youtube.  I instantly started nodding my head.  Her voice is melodic, and she sounds like a younger SZA. Keep an eye out for.

Tory Lanez "Memories Don't Die"

An album to definitely look out for is Tory Lanez "Memories Don't Die".  The lead single "Shooters" is a dope song.  The trumpets in the beat are addictive and catchy.  The moment the beat drops you're hooked.  Tory has released 4 songs off of this album so far.  If those 4 songs are any indication of what's to come I am amped for this album.

His latest effort "B.I.D" is going to be popular with the ladies.  I see it getting radio play.  Torey Lanez is a pretty versatile artist so I'm interested in seeing what he comes up with this time. "Memories Don't Die" drops March 2nd.

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Lil Mosey is a new underground artist.  He sounds like a mix between Lil Uzi and Lil Skies. His song "Pull Up" is catchy and the beat is addictive.  I could see it making the radio.  88Glam is a new group signed to Drakes OVO label.  Their song "12" has potential. It has a nice chill vibe to it.  I came across Global Dan on Soundcloud.  His song " Off White" was undeniable to me.  Real catchy song it.  Then I saw he had a remix with Rich The Kid and Madentyo.  The remix is better in my opinion. If you like good bass and catchy lyrics check this one out.

Andersnt is another new underground artist I came across.  I don't know too much about him but his song "why" is what caught my attention.  Smooky Margiela is a new young artist who apparently got a cosign from Asap Rocky.   His song "Vlone Flex has potential to be big.  I'm surprised i haven't heard it on the radio yet.  It's one of those songs where the first time you hear it you know it's going to some numbers.


Culture 2 is a culmination of everything I like about the Migos.  The Migos played it safe with some songs but a few stood out to me. " Stir Fry" and "Made Men" are definitely a new sound for The Migos. "Stir Fry" is a step in the right direction for Migos.  This Pharrel produced track finds the Migos exploring a new sound.  The song is catchy and it is definitely a highlight of the album. Pharrel delivers with the drums and smooth synths.

"Made Men" is a real hip-hop song.  It almost has a classic feel to it.  I would of loved for them to have couple more tracks like this one.  "Walk it Talk it" featuring Drake is definitely a club banger.  I knew exactly what they were going for when I saw the Drake feature.  I wouldn't be surprised if it sneaked in the billboard hot 100. Overall, Culture II is a solid Migos album.

TOP TRACKS: Narcos, Superstars, BBO, Too Much Jewelry.

RATING: 7.5 out of 10.

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