Let me start off by saying that I have no problem with the Beatles; I like the Beatles. I have many Beatles records. That being said, what I saw when I opened a box of CDs at work horrified me: another round of reissues!!

Now, I get that it’s the 50th anniversary and all, but do we really need another reissue? They did a reissue five years ago. This time around, instead of separate stereo and mono mixes (which, if you ask me, only needs to be done in the superior mono format), they’ve put both on each cd. What gets me is the fact that the fans who shelled out the money five years ago will buy this too. How ridiculous is that?

I’m not judging anyone, but when is it enough? Even if KISS did the exact same thing, there’s no way in hell I would pay for multiple sets of the same thing. There’s a fine line between being a huge fan and being borderline ridiculous. I’ll admit, KISS fans can be bad, but I would have to say that Beatles fans are on a whole ‘nother level. They know fans will pay big money for anything even remotely related to the Beatles. They could put out a CD of John Lennon flushing the toilet and Beatles fan would be lined up around the block to get it. If nothing else, at least KISS fans have enough sense to know when the band is putting out something that’s clearly a money grab.

One box set of both mixes is all anybody needs. What’s next, another set for the 55th anniversary? The 60th? The 100th? I’m willing to bet that when the world is about to explode into a fiery supernova, they’ll put out one last “End of the World Beatles Box Set”…and their fans will buy it.

Posted on February 14, 2018 and filed under Album Review.